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You can’t miss that parkrun has been discussed rather a lot in the media this past month or so, what with the shenanigans surrounding Little Stoke parkrun and also the hugely positive million mark being reached. There has sadly been a surprising amount of negativity about something that is so positive, this has to be from people who aren’t into running and view runners as a nuisance, I used to be one of them. It’s very easy to be negative about something you don’t understand so don’t be judgemental about the naysayers as that makes you no different from them. My general mindset has changed hugely since running became part of my life, my opinions of things have altered for the better.

Among the negative comments that have been made about parkrun quite a strong view is that parkrunners take over the park with no regard to other park users. With that in mind here’s a gentle reminder of the parkrun code of conduct.

The general public
Please remember it is not up to the members of the public to get out of our way, but for us to make way for them! This is a very important point to ensure we do not get a reputation for being a nuisance and jeopardise the long-term success of parkrun events. Be friendly, I always try and say good morning orsomething ¬†similar as I’m passing by.

The volunteers
Please remember that the volunteers are there to inform the public that an event is taking place, not to stop them walking on the route. They will also notify us parkrunners of any other park users we need to be aware of. Show them some courtesy, thank them as you pass, it’s not a big deal and without them you wouldn’t be there enjoying this structured event. Courtesy costs nothing and goes a long way.

Please park with consideration, use the car parks that are there, yes it may cost you a couple of quid, but don’t be selfish, think of the ramifications of pissing off the local residents. Show some common courtesy, don’t be “that guy” causing a nuisance due to inconsiderate parking. If it’s a council run carpark there are often concessions for parkrunners and the extra income from parkrun is a good thing for the continued success of parkrun.

Littering, just don’t do it, it shouldn’t even have to be said, yet time and time again I see discarded wrappers from gels and the like when I’m out running. Why do people do this, not only is it a disgusting thing to do, ruining our countryside, but it also gives people something else to blame runners for. Equally, if you see a bit of litter pick it up.

Remember, the core event team have gone to a lot of trouble to get these events set up, formed relationships with land owners and councils, all of this on your behalf, all of this off their own back with no financial gain. Don’t let thoughtless actions ruin what they have achieved.

Coffee, cake and a chat
Stop off and have a coffee and a chat after, there are so many lovely like minded people to talk to, friends and acquaintances to be made. This is also good for local business and puts something back into the community.

Most importantly get out there, have fun and get involved.

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