Another day, another set back

Why is it that I always seem to suffer a set back when everything seems to be coming together? It’s not just me I’m sure, it’s a cosmic joke that affects us all at some point in our lives. A cruel twist of fate, karma, call it what you want.

Last weekend I ran my fastest 5k time at Frimley Lodge parkrun, my first 23 minute 5k. Things are on the up, my running is improving, I’m getting leaner, people are commenting on my shape almost daily, I’m stronger, faster, healthier. All this training and exercise is paying off. Or so I thought until I started suffering. 

The pain started off Saturday morning, I noticed a bit of a niggle in my right shoulder and neck whilst driving up to Frimley Lodge, I must have slept funny. It was just a niggle at this point, nothing to write home about, one of those things that you expect to shake off. It clearly didn’t affect my running as I ran by best parkrun time to date.

Sunday I had a 250 mile round trip in the car to go to my sisters 50th birthday lunch at Eastwell Manor. That niggle started to develop into a dull ache whilst driving. It became a lot more noticeable when twisting to talk with other dinner guests sat next to me and started to become more than a bit uncomfortable on the drive home.

Monday I really started to feel it, especially when I jumped on the bike to ride to work, the riding position of the GSXR can put a lot of your weight on your wrists, arms and shoulders. This was quite painful and not a pleasant ride in. I shock it off and stuck to the marathon training plan I’m following at the moment, smashing out a really strong  8 mile run in my lunchbreak. I say really strong, I mean really strong for me, 8 miles at 8:30 min/mile is a relaxed run for many, for me it’s pushing hard. It felt great too, I forgot completely about the pain in my shoulder and enjoyed pushing myself, the weather was perfect and the scenery was fantastic.

Since then it’s been getting progressively worse and I’ve not run again this week, I also skipped my Thursday night yoga class again. My whole shoulder has gone into spasm, my right arm aches, I’m getting numbness and pins and needles down my arm and hand, it hurts all the time. Hurt isn’t quite the right way to describe it either. It starts off uncomfortable from the moment I wake up. It’s a dull throbbing ache that increases relentlessly throughout the day until it becomes unbearable. I’ve started taking some strong painkillers to knock me out at night.

I even had to leave my motorbike at work yesterday as I just couldn’t face riding it home. On top of the pain there was also the safety factor to consider, so at work it remains, a lift home was by far the most sensible option.
I really do sympathise with Rochann, the pain she goes through on a daily basis must be absolutely soul destroying. I really must try and be more patient, understanding and sympathetic with her as this pain is debilitating even if you can’t see anything on the surface.

I’m off this morning to get a back massage, which will hopefully sort me out. It’s my daughters 6th birthday Saturday and it would be nice not to be wincing in pain all day.

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