Last minute change of plans

This morning I had planned on heading over to Worthing to take part in their inaugural parkrun event. I am now heading in entirely the opposite direction and heading up to Basingstoke parkrun instead.

In a very last minute change of plans I’m off to Endure 24 later today. I’ll potentially knock out a couple of laps as part of a team there or, most likely, just spectate and perhaps do a bit of support running instead. Endure 24 is in Wasing and Basingstoke is en route. There is also Newbury parkrun closer to the event but Basingstoke is in my direct path so that’s where I’ve picked.

So what is Endure 24 then. Well according to their website blurb it’s like Glastonbury for runners, it’s a 24 hour running party in the woods held by Mizuno. There are a load of people from Bosh in attendance as well as all my local parkrun crowd, local running clubs and others. It looks great, I hadn’t entered it originally as I have South Downs marathon next week, but I’m going to pop along anyway just to let my hair down a bit.

Endure24 is a unique event in the running calendar, it mixes serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race. Virtually anyone of any ability level can take part and enjoy a challenging but rewarding weekend of trail running. The five mile race route through Wasing Woods is incredibly scenic and ends with a loop around the campsite where the awesome support from your fellow runners never stops.

Sounds cool eh, so I’ve lobbed a tent and some other odds and sods into the car and am going to hear to parkrun, do that, then head over to the site, throw up the tent and see what happens. Should be fun! Love a bit of spur of the moment adventures.

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