In out in out shake it all about

So I’ve been to the polling station this morning and cast my vote. I still have a general feeling of unease about the whole situation. They has been so much media furore, a brouhaha if you will. The whole thing is really quite frightening.

The arguments both for and against have been incredible and not in a good way, some of things I have read from both camps has been laughable at best. However, this is not a joking matter, it is indeed gravely serious with huge implications for generations to come. Campaigners on both sides should hang their heads in shame as they have confused a nation with their self serving agendas.

Lest we not forget the main reason behind the need for a union. European integration was seen as a solution to the extreme nationalism which had devastated the continent during the World Wars. Extreme nationalism isn’t a good thing, it really isn’t. Has history not taught us anything? There are many arguments out there but for me this one point overrides them all.

Hopefully this isn’t the final whistle being blown to ensure we all are aboard the last train to xenophobia….

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