Interesting times ahead

Ok it’s the start of a new week and the world is a changing and challenging place. I need to try and put the monumental political news and views out of my head as much as I want to have a rant about it and focus on my week ahead, something I can have an impact on. Just got to stop worrying about that and play on with the cards that have been dealt.

For me this week is going to be a busy one as my schedule is pretty full. On top of a busy week in the office I’ve got the doctors after work today to take a look at my dodgey back/shoulder and my cough. Fingers crossed they can help get to the bottom of things as its been dragging on way too long now.

Wednesday night I’ve got a XC race, the Portsmouth Joggers Summer XC at Queen Elizabeth country park. It’s a 5 miler and I’ve no idea on the course but as its QE I can guess that it’s going to hilly! I’m really looking forward to this for a number of reasons, the fact it’s just up the road is great, there will be a lot of familiar faces and I get a burger at the end as there’s a post race BBQ. Let’s hope the weather stays nice, forecast looks like rain currently.

Friday my other half has another procedure on her back being performed up in Basingstoke, killing the nerve ending in the hips. That’s an early start to get up there. I’m hoping and praying that this will give her some respite from the pain that she’s in and help her at least cope a bit more with it. She’s not in a good place currently.

Saturday I think I’m going to reattempt my trip to Bognor Regis parkrun and get that one out of the way, however staying more local might be prudent given Rochann’s procedure is a general so I shouldn’t be too far away. Fareham is another viable tourist option that I’ve not visited before, it’s the closest one to me that I’ve not done.

Sunday I’ve got a trail half marathon which has crept up on my very quickly, the Stanstead Slog. This was the first ever trail race I took part it so I’m looking forward to revisiting it with some trail shoes this time as it was bloody hard work in road shoes last time! 

It’s going to be an interesting and challenging week.

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