Where do I run?

I, like many other runners, meticuously track all my runs with a GPS tracking device. I look at these stats after each run, looking at various bits of ‘useful’ information and obviously share them on various social media platforms just to annoy non-running friends and followers. If it’s not shared it never happened right?

One of the tracking tools I use is Runkeeper, I started using this in 2009 during that ill fated first foray into a healthier lifestyle achieved by forcing myself to run. It was a free iPhone download that I’ve grown to love. Even though I’ve progressed and moved to a dedicated GPS tracker, the trusty Garmin, my data still ends up in Runkeeper as old habits die hard. I’ve tracked in excess of 650 activities and covered over 3600 miles via Runkeeper.

Lately I’ve been wondering what that looks like, what it actually looks like I’m one map. All those little runs shown in one place like a spiders web. So naturally, as is the done thing these days, I query the oracle to see what I can find…. “Dear Google, how can I view all Runkeeper runs on one map”. There are quite a few results detailing many convoluted ways of getting the data into Google Maps or Google Earth, some of which I may investigate further at a later date. However, I just wanted something quick and easy for now and what I found that met the bill was a website called City Strides.

I plumbed in my Runkeeper details and started to sync up my data. This took a while given the number of activities, but it was worth the wait as gave me just what I was looking for, the bigger picture!

You can see my local running area with localised areas where I work and where I’ve lived whilst tracking activities. How cool is that. You can drill right down and the site adds another level to running, you can ‘complete’ areas by running all the streets should you so chose. This takes running OCD’s to a whole other level! New stats to obsess over, how much of an area have I completed and how far away am I from the top of the leaderboard for that particular challenge.

Where is this going to go, nobody knows…

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