Safety moment : Get your feet off my dashboard!

I saw a post on Facebook about this recently that got me thinking and doing a bit of research on the subject. You see it all the time during the summer, cars cruising along, windows down, passenger relaxing with their feet up on the dash. It’s not an uncommon site is it? More often than not when I spot it it’s usually a young woman with her feet up, or teenagers and other such flexible creatures assuming the position.

Did you know an airbag inflates at about 320km/h or just shy of 200mph in old money, pretty quick eh. It has to be that explosively fast to deploy in time to do its job. 200mph, just think about that for a moment. 200mph, that’s just a wee bit quick that. Formula 1 quick. The Bullet train quick. TGV quick. The speed of your average light aircraft and so on. It’s fast and possibly destructively explosive!

There are some absolutely horrific pictures on the internet when you search for the term “feet on dash airbag”, I won’t include any in this blog, I’ll leave that up to you to research if you so choose but be warned, it’s isn’t pretty.

There are pictures and strong accounts of peoples toes being brutally amputated as their foot has been smashed through the windscreen. Feet being broken and compressed with disturbing stories of feet ending up a couple of sizes smaller than they were originally after surgery. Sounds bad doesn’t it, reminds me of the film Misery for some reason, a nice bit of hobbling yeah, but it could be a lot worse. Facial reconstruction, spinal damage, brain damage and other seriously life changing injuries are all things that can happen as a result of chilling out in the car with your feet up on the dashboard.

Would you put your feet on a land mine intentionally? Just a small one? Go on, it won’t go off will it….. Is it really worth taking the risk? It could, in the blink of an eye, become a whole lot worse than the dashboard getting a little bit dirty!

Don’t do it, don’t let your friends do it.

On a cheery note, as I don’t want to be accused of dampening the mood, enjoy the summer and be safe out there peeps!



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