Food for the soul – midweek trail run

Tonight was not my usual weekday evening on a work night, I’m normally stuck in the office until late and always too knackered to do much more than fall asleep in front of the TV when I eventually get home. Tonight was special, I had a nice little run around QE country park this evening in great company. I went out on a course recce with the guys from On The Whistle, along with some other local runners, to check out the course for the next OTW 6 hour multi loop event in September, The Woodland Way challenge.

It’s potentially a tough little route, what is so often affectionately known as ‘gently undulating’, but there’s something about running round QE country park that I find so captivating. I totally wasn’t feeling it running wise today. I had a relatively naff lunchtime run, legs heavy and just not liking running and have generally been feeling quite down of late, but as soon as I got into the woods and hills tonight it was like a switch had been flicked. I absolutely loved it, food for the soul, my troubles washed away in next to no time.

There were a few friends and familiar faces present as well as some entirely new ones. Throughout the run there were various different conversations going about a whole variety of different things, everyone enjoying a nice social run up and down the hills. It was nice to meet and chat to fellow blogger, Roger of Irunoffroad and have a little chat about Twitter and things. It’s funny meeting people that you sort of know or follow but have never really met from the Internet, be it from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere, it’s always nice to meet in the flesh.

Sadly I’m not actually running OTW’s event as I’m already booked into the Bacchus marathon that day, but if you’re looking for a great fun run in September in a spectacular country park with a few hills you can’t go wrong with this one.

On The Whistle – Woodland Way Challenge – 11th September 2016

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  1. Rog says:

    Great write up & photos 🙂

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