It’s a numbers game

I’ve been a bit bored this evening, the TV has been droning away in the background playing the latest box set that I have zero interest in watching. So in between power naps I’ve been fiddling with my phone playing with numbers, as you do. Rock and roll! It’s a headonistic lifestyle I lead…

How many miles…

As I’ve been travelling around different parkruns a fair bit over the last three or four months I thought I’d use this ‘meh time’ to work out roughly how many miles I’ve travelled to attend parkrun using data from the table I created to log the details in this site.

I’ve travelled in the region of 608 miles in my 39 parkrun appearances. Those 39 parkruns add up to roughly 121 miles of running. Shortest distance there and back is 9.6 miles to my home run at Havant, the furthest round trip was 144 miles to Black Park. The average distance travelled is currently 15.6 miles, all to go run 3.1 miles.

I’m not including travel to and from junior parkruns for marshalling duties on a Sunday and not included the extra miles from when I was running to and from Havant parkrun.

Still bored….

So, the TV continues to drone away in the background, my care-o-meter barely registering a flicker of interest in whatever trash it is that she’s got on tonight. So next up is to have a look at how many runs I’ve done at home vs away and work out what percentage tourist I am. It’s all riveting stuff this, I’m sure you can barely contain your excitement reading it!

So using this basic calculation and data from the parkrun site I’ve worked out that I’m 35.9% tourist.

100 – ((25/39)*100) = 35.9% tourist

25 of my 39 runs being at my home run.

Enthralling I know. I think the jaunty angle of the screenshots add real depth to my mind numbingly boring blog this evening. Gently tilting one way and the next, slightly pissed, unlike me as I can’t drink this week due to being on call. Never mind, almost the weekend again.

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One Response to It’s a numbers game

  1. Chris Archer says:

    Pah! By the power of algebra I worked out that I could become a 33% tourist if my next 15 parkruns were away rather than home. Your jaunty angled photographs have nothing on how exciting it is chez moi.

    Marvellous blog BTW, glad to hear the psoriasis is behaving.

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