It’s a home run! Havant parkrun

The one with the centurions! Today seems like a bit of an odd morning, I’ve done so many tourist runs of late, getting up early, usually being out the door by 7am to get to wherever I’m going, still being in bed at that hour seems like a luxury! It’s funny how things become routine so easily.

Whilst I’m so very close to my target of getting on the most events page and running at home could be looked at as “setting me back a week”, there’s very good reason for a home run this week. You see parkrun isn’t just about personal goals and achievements, it’s way more than that, it’s about fun and friendship, it’s about community, it’s about participation and involvement, its about overcoming challenges and adversity, it’s about celebrating the success of others, it is a celebration of so many things in so many ways. Last week I was at Bushy to join in the celebrations of an amazing 500th parkrun milestone, this week is not much different.

This week the celebration comes in the form of a century milestone run of a top guy I’ve met through parkrun. My own personal goals can take a back seat this week so I can celebrate someone else’s achievements. I was introduced to Darin back in September/October 2015 when  I first started parkrun. He’s a top fella that always has time for a laugh and a chat and I’m always pleased to see him. I remember seeing him during the Portsmouth Ultra, he was volunteering at one of the aid stations and even though I didn’t know him that well he certainly helped me get through a bad patch. I was just past the marathon mark on the way back to the finish and having a bit of a wobble, his support and encouragement and light hearted banter was a god send and helped me out no end, I can’t thank him enough for that.

Racking up 100 parkruns is a fantastic achievement, that’s a regular weekly commitment spanning, at the very least, 2 years if you did it week in week out without interruption or injury. This really shows dedication to the cause, getting yourself out there and pushing yourself to better things, as well as supporting others in their journey. The parkrun experience is so rewarding and why I’ve become such an avid fad of the whole thing and bore you to tears with my constant rambling blog posts about it. It’s a life changer for so many people. So big congratulations to Darin, wear that 100 shirt with pride fella, you’ve worked hard for it and deserve the recognition, oh and the humiliation of being dressed up as a centurion obviously!

As well as being Darin’s 100th parkrun it was the hundredth run for a few other parkrun regulars, Kate Parks, Denise Williams and David Wood all hit that magic 100 this morning, congratulations to them too, fantastic stuff. As well as the four centurions it was also the 218th Havant parkrun today attracting a total of 220 runners of all ages, size and ability, with a nice smattering of first timers along with parkrun tourists visiting from near and far.

Havant parkrun never disappoints, it’s such a lovely and varied course. I love it come rain or shine and this morning it was certainly shining. Summer in England appears to be a thing again, which is nice!

The shade of the trees was very welcome today and it was so nice to be running on my home turf along side good friends and acquaintances. I started off at the back as was just going to take it steady, but true to form by the time I got to the first corner I had enough of that and sped right up and started to pass people and get up to speed. It’s quite nice to run from the back and work your way forward. It’s also nice to have the odd brief conversation with people on the way round. Remember kids, it’s a run, not a race!


Other than being known for being a little bit hilly, one thing that Havant is renowned for is cake, sweet delicious cake. Ever week, without fail, the cake club members knock up cake to dish out freely to anyone who comes to the cafe after their run for a bit of a social. Today was no exception, there was a theme this morning as you can tell from the picture. As well as the variety of cake that was on offer afterwards there was also plates of fruit supplied too, grapes and watermelon slices, so nice after a warm 5k run around the country park.


I ran the course in a steady 25:39 today and finished in position 59. Today was my 26th run at Havant parkrun and my 41st parkrun overall. The post run cornetto of choice today was a mint choc chip affair which was very nice afterwards as you can’t beat an ice cream on a warm day, and you certainly can’t beat one after having a run!


Next week could be a trip down to Cornwall to Tamar Lakes as there is a parkrun camp going on and plenty of people I know are attending. Can I wangle a weekend pass to go camping and hit up a Cornish parkrun? Only time will tell on that front!

If not it will be somewhere closer to home, I still want to do Rushmoor and Bognor Regis, then the week after that I will be in Florida on holibobs with the family at Disney World! I may be able to get along to Clermont parkrun each Saturday that we are there without causing too much grief!


Happy running folks!



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