COD running

COD running isn’t some bizarre phone app where you pit yourself virtually against Captain Birdseye in a race to the death! COD running is a runners staple activity during summer months, it’s a runners Crack Of Dawn run. These early starts are viewed by the non-running people of the world as an act of insanity, “you get up at 5am to go for a run, you wouldn’t catch me doing that!”. To the uninitiated it can appear alien, but to those that get up and catch the sunrise it is almost spiritual.

There are many benefits of lacing up and getting out there early. These are just a handful of things that spring to mind.

Peace and solitude

An early run is so peaceful, the world hasn’t yet woken up and got going, the hustle and bustle of people scurrying around yet to start. An early morning run opens a window to a different world, a quiet and more natural place, a more zen place. You tend to see wildlife going about its business before the human race forces a lot of it into hiding. The nocturnal creatures can often be seen before they find their bolt holes for the day ahead. The solitude of an early morning run can also be a welcome relief when your days are filled with people clammering for your attention, you need that thinking space or the stress of life could push you over the edge. A release valve.


I’m currently on vacation in Florida and if it wasn’t for these early starts then I’d certainly not be able to go for a run. As the day progresses the blast furnace that is the sun heats the planet, in some places, to an inhospitable degree. I’m not the best in hot conditions so try to avoid them, running in the winter in the UK suits me down to the ground. Training in 30+ degree heat and 80%+ humidity is bloody hard work. Hats off to all the athletes out there that both train and compete in these conditions, it’s superhuman.

Setting yourself up for the day

A COD run sets you up for the day, on top of the peace and solitude and clearing of the mind it builds a hearty appetite for breakfast. It also gives you that much needed endorphin boost at the start of the day. It builds a solid foundation for you to cope with whatever life may throw at you that day. It’s a positive start to the day ahead, I always feel fresh and ready to take on the day having been up early, smashed out a few miles and then got showered and changed.

Selfie time…..

Going out early gives you time to stop and shamelessly take selfies…it’s one of the laws of COD runs, a selfie with a nice backdrop as the sun comes up is a key weapon in the arsenal. Some inspiration to get out there can sometimes be needed, that extra something to spur you on a get you out of bed…

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