Alphabetti Spaghetti


It has to be said I like a bit of a challenge and regularly set myself goals and targets, I am very much goal orientated. With my foray into parkrun tourism I had a goal to focus on, get on to the most events table and earn myself a cow cowl, with that now done I ask myself what’s next? I’ve seen a couple of posts of late where people have been completing the alphabet, Alphabetti Spaghetti!

This is going to need a bit more careful planning than my current haphazard approach to touring. So far I’ve driven everywhere on the day, I’m not so sure that will be even remotely viable to complete this challenge, some overnight stays are going to need to be factored in, should be fun though!

This is my completed list as of today, as you can see there are quite a few gaps to fill.

A – Alice Holt
B – Basingstoke, Black Park, Bushy
C – Chichester, Clermont Waterfront, Cranleigh
D –
E – Eastleigh
F – Fareham, Frimley Lodge
G –
H – Havant
I –
J –
K –
L – Lee on the Solent, Lymington Woodside
M –
N – Netley Abbey
O –
P – Portsmouth Lakeside
Q – Queen Elizabeth
R – Rushmoor
S – Southampton, Southsea, Salisbury
T –
U –
V –
W – Winchester, Worthing
X –
Y –
Z –

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