Friends, Romans, parkrunners…

Friends, Romans, parkrunners…lend me your ears for tomorrow I will be clad in the jacket of luminosity and power! I, PJ, will be giving the new runners briefing at Havant parkrun.

The New Runners Briefing volunteer will be experienced and will brief new runners on the course and what to do at the finish.

Obviously I was hand picked for this role and outshone the thousands of applicants, made it through to the judges house, through to the final five and into the finals and my eventual rise to the top is complete! Fame! Power! High vis! Clipboard! Authority!**

The requirements

  • Be extremely friendly and welcoming

Extreme friendliness -check ✔️

  • Describe the course first, so tourists can listen and then go off and warm up.

Using my descriptive words to explain the course – Round there, no nancying around the puddles, down there, round the lake, through the mud, turn there, turn there, left a bit, right a bit, up the hill, round there, rinse, repeat, thank you marshal, simple! – check ✔️

  • Tell the novices about the finish funnel/tokens/scanning process, stress that finish tokens must be returned, children under 11 must run close to a responsible adult, and that dogs must be kept under control on a short lead (maximum of 1 dog per runner)

Finish funnel etiquette, finish tokens, scanning, barcodes, return token or suffer fate worse than death, kids, dogs, adults, leads – check ✔️

  • Discuss coffee/cake at the cabin after the run, and the ‘free hot drink in exchange for car park voucher’

Free drinks and cake, my favourite subject, and you can also get a #parkruncornetto, it is a thing, from the cabin too! – check ✔️

  • Ask for and answer questions

I’m pretty sure that this is just to do with parkrun rather than general knowledge type questions, but I’ll have my phone browser on Wikipedia just in case – check ✔️

See, this volunteering lark is a doodle, if an idiot like me is trusted in such positions of power and responsibility then you lot have nothing to worry about. Get involved, volunteering is easy and very rewarding. I even get to run this week as well, as well as the new runners brief there are roles there where you can do both. What are you waiting for? 25 times and you get one of these!

**they may have had just the one applicant.

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