London marathon ballot places

Where’s the postman! Has he been yet. Is it yellow or is it red! I previously wrote about entering the London Marathon ballot. That crazy day where a couple hundred thousand runners stick their name in the hat in the off chance that they may get a place in this hallowed event. Well it’s now October, time to see if that gamble has paid off.

This week the London marathon ballot results are released. The earliest date you will hear the result of your ballot entry into the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon is Monday 10 October and all applicants should have heard the outcome by Monday 17 October. 

For many their social media fees will be full of postings about it. There will be many posts along the line of;

  • “OMG! I don’t believe it. I didn’t think I stood a chance, I’d better do some training.”
  • “9th rejection in a row it’s just not fair…”
  • “Didn’t really want to run it so I don’t care anyway!”

My personal favourites are these two:

  • “There are loads of other marathons just as good if not better”  
  • “yay, another crappy jacket for the collection!”

If you have not heard from by Tuesday 18 October you can contact their Helpdesk team on 020 7902 0200.

Good luck!

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