50th parkrun milestone

All being well this coming Saturday I will earn the right to sport a fine red ’50’ parkrun shirt. I have finally reached my first official milestone and earned a milestone shirt. I’ve been going to parkrun regularly since September last year and I’ll have run 5k on 50 occasions. I’ve not run a parkrun on 7 Saturdays in that time due to work, holiday, volunteering, races and other commitments. Thinking about it, that’s actually quite a commitment on my part, 50 Saturdays out of the past 57 spent running at parkrun. In that time I’ve visited 23 different parkruns and filled 24 volunteer roles over 21 ocassions. Not a bad track record, though it feels like just the beginning.

For those that don’t know the parkrun milestone shirt is exclusive and only available to registered parkrunners. To earn your shirt you must complete the required number of parkruns and then you’ll be able to order one of these bad boys free of charge! That’s right, you get the shirt for free, not bad for running regularly at a free weekly timed 5k event. The milestones for running are 10 (juniors only), 50, 100, 250 and 500, there is also a volunteers shirt that can be earned by volunteering on 25 separate occasions. As mentioned earlier I’ve volunteered on 21 different occasions this year so I’m very close on that front too. The whole parkrun experience is a rewarding one in both body and spirit.

I’ve chosen to run my 50th at my home parkrun of Havant seeing as that’s where my love affair with parkrun began. There is such a great bunch of people there, so friendly and supportive. There is always a great atmosphere and Staunton country park is a lovely place to run. I’m going to need to do something cake related to mark the occasion as is tradition. Would it really be Havant parkrun without a bit of cake?

Roll on Saturday.

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