Life’s too short

A serious post for a change. Yesterday there was some very sad news in the office, a colleague passed away over the weekend. I didn’t know the chap particularly well or work with him very closely, but it’s still given me pause for thought. I knew he’d not been well for quite some time, you’d see him around the office at lunchtimes asleep or resting on one of the comfy chairs or sofas. I’d never found out what was wrong, I didn’t want to pry, as I said I didn’t really know him. He came in and got on with his job regardless. He was in apparently in the office up until Wednesday last week and had even been scheduled to do some work over the weekend that he passed away.

What has struck me is his dedication to the company, managing his sickness and working through it. I really hope the company do the right thing and look after his family, I know his manager and colleagues will. They’ve been working together for years, I hate to think how they’re feeling and they have my deepest sympathies.

It has made me think about life in general and the fact that we work ourselves to the bone week in week out. I think if I ever got seriously ill I’d like to be in a position to go out and fulfil some dreams, tick off some bucket list items, not have to worry about work, jack that in and go and burn out brightly. Life’s too short is a phrase that’s coined regularly, but do people ever act on it? Maybe I shouldn’t wait, maybe I should start looking to change things up now, escape the rat race, break free from working relentlessly day and night just to earn a wage.

It’s all very sad and his family and friends have my deepest condolences.

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