The end is nigh…

In five days time I will be lining up on the start line to embark on my fifth marathon this year. Yes fifth, I can’t quite believe that myself, I’m not entirely sure how that happened as I certainly wasn’t planning to run five marathons this year. In fact, the one in five days time, the Portsmouth Coastal marathon, was originally the only one I was going to enter. It was going to be the pinnacle of 2016, I was going to train and lose weight and everything for it! It was going to be totes amazeballs, my fastest ever!!! Best laid plans…..

Well, the training bit hasn’t exactly happened and I’ve somehow gained weight this year (creeping back up to 18 stone), presumably by eating everything in sight after running and still I’m always hungry! Even though I’ve racked up over 1000 miles of running this year none of it is what I’d call well structured training. Other than the marathons themselves I’ve rarely run over half marathon distance and rarely done long training runs that weren’t events. I have been doing a fair amount of hills though, not a huge amount, just a smattering of hills every Wednesday evening, 4-6 miles. Speedwork, hahahah, that’s basically been parkrun, and even that’s not fast. That said at the beginning of the year my goal was to run sub 27 consistently, I’m running 25’s regularly with relative ease and I’ve dipped into the 23’s a couple of times, so some improvement there.

BUT, you know what, without the rigid training I’ve really really enjoyed it. I think I’ve had the most sociable year running ever, made so many friends, met some wonderful people and visited some amazing places. I’ve been all over the place, visited 25 different parkruns and run a stack of events all round the south of England;

2016 running record

Runs completed

  1. 14.02 – Portsmouth Coastal half marathon
  2. 21.02 – Meon Valley Plod – 22 miles
  3. 17.03 – St Patrick’s day 10k
  4. 20.03 – Hampton Court Palace half marathon
  5. 03.04 – Queen Elizabeth Spring marathon
  6. 30.04 – Wickham Whistler – 14.1 miles
  7. 14.05 – Bewl water half marathon
  8. 07.06 – Goonies Run – 20 miles
  9. 11.06 – Endure24 – 3 x 5 mile loops
  10. 29.06 – Portsmouth Summer XC – 5 miles
  11. 03.07 – Stansted Slog half marathon
  12. 17.07 – World Emoji Day – 19 miles
  13. 11.09 – Bacchus half marathon
  14. 18.09 – Woodlands Way half marathon
  15. 24.09 – 401 challenge marathon 390 – 27 miles
  16. 01.10 – 401 Challenge marathon 397 – 30 miles
  17. 02.10 – Pieces of Eight – 8 Miles
  18. 23.10 – Great South Run – 10 miles
  19. 28.10 – Ghost Race 5 – 5 miles
  20. 29.10 – Oktoberfest – 6k
  21. 20.11 – Gosport Half Marathon
  22. 27.11 – Winter Festive Frolic marathon – 27.6 miles
  23. 11.12 – Snowflake Challenge – 1 mile, 10k, 5k races

What’s left?

  • 17.12 Lakeside parkrun
  • 18.12 Portsmouth Coastal marathon
  • 24.12 Havant parkrun
  • 25.12 QE parkrun
  • 28:12 Meon Valley Winter Cross Ultramarathon
  • 31.12 Havant parkrun

With just five days left until the next marathon it’s hardly worth worrying about training now. I can do the distance, it just won’t be fast or pretty, just like me! Any ideas on time has gone out the window, the sub 4 I’ve always dreamed of firmly out of reach. The Winter Cross Ultramarathon 10 days after the Portsmouth marathon is a bit of a worry, but I’m sure it’ll all work out fine. The marathon will basically be my last long training run before it, ha, I’m such an idiot! Wish me luck!

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