Queen Elizabeth parkrun – Christmas Day edition

The one on Christmas Day! One of parkruns core mottos is “it’s more than just a run in the park” and that’s so evident today, on Christmas Day. There are Christmas Day parkruns being held all over the country today, something like 165 of them, which is simply amazing! The fact that people are prepared to give up their time on Christmas Day to put on these events for others speaks volumes! 

I usually go for a half hour to an hours run on Christmas morning to justify sleeping through the Queens speech, Eastenders Christmas special or whatever drivel I’m being subjected to on the TV. Today is a first, a year ago I’d never of imagined going to parkrun on Christmas Day, today nothing seems more appropriate. It’s funny how times change and things become such an integral part of your life. This year I’ve found a pass on the internet which is obviously 100% legit, like everything on the web, look, see…

This totally legitimises my trip up the road to pay a visit to the good people at Queen Elizabeth parkrun. QE parkrun is a tough little course, all off road in the stunning QE country park just off the A3. You start halfway up a hill and do a little loop, then a big loop, I don’t think there’s a single flat bit all the way around either. When it’s wet it’s really wet, the chalky clay mud makes it even tougher, it’s a challenging course at the best of times. Today though nothing could dampen the spirits of the wonderful volunteers and runners that arrived at the part to spend some Christmas time with their parkrun family.

There were 61 runners in attendance today from far and wide, many wearing festive garments, some looking a little worse for wear possibly having had a bit too much Christmas cheer the night before. What a wonderful turnout on this very special day. Lots of first timers to Queen Elizabeth too, people visiting relatives in the main, hopefully they all enjoyed the mud and hills, what better way to burn off all those Christmas calories!

I can’t thank the volunteers enough for today, truly wonderful people. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are all fantastic, each and every one of you.

My Christmas Day challenge to each and every one of you reading this is to get out there and volunteer at least once next year. Take the plunge, make the commitment, put something back if you haven’t already. It’s not difficult, it’s fun and rewarding and opens up a whole different side to parkrun, do it, get involved!

Thank you Queen Elizabeth, see you again on New Years Day. Merry Christmas every one.

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