Product review : eGlove lightweight running gloves (Sport gloves)

In case you’d not noticed temperatures have been steadily dropping in the U.K. over the past couple of months, it’s like it’s winter or something. For most runners this traditionally means break out the winter running gear. Tights get chosen instead of shorts, beanie hats replace caps and gloves appear out of whatever drawer they have been hiding in all year. Being in the larger side I tend to be pretty well insulated and heat up quite rapidly, one of the few bonuses of being fat, I’m not just difficult to kidnap! I don’t own running tights, I’m a shorts all year round type of guy. I have this thing where anything tight on the skin on my legs and arms feels horrid. If you ever catch me in a shirt and tie for instance within an hour of putting it on the sleeves are rolled up to the elbows without fail.

This is me in my winter running gear which is basically just a woolly beanie hat on top of my usual attire! I wear base layer shorts most the year round to prevent chaffing so can’t really count that as winter gear. My legs and arms have been known to go some sort of radioactive reddish colour which actually doesn’t trouble me, however what does bother me is my hands, they do get real cold and turn an attractive purple colour! Not a good look I’m sure you’ll agree and it tends to clash with most of my tops.

So having done a bit of research I found a local company called eGlove who offer up a range of performance and sport specific smartphone compatible gloves. Their range is aimed at most outdoor activities such as horse riding, running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, walking and so on, all whilst allowing you to keep your selfie game on point and tweet on the go without having to remove your gloves. Being a bit of a social media whore these sound right up my street!

Choosing a glove size

The eGlove website is easy to navigate and provides you with a very easy to use sizing guide in the aptly named ‘Glove Guide’ section. This really is the first thing you need to do, measure your hand to establish your size. I hate measuring stuff when ordering but they’ve included an image that even this idiot can cope with. Measuring took seconds and the item I ordered up ‘fits like a glove’ to coin a phrase!

The size guide is bang on, my hand measurement was roughly 21 centimetres so I opted for the Large size rather than XL, following the printed advice of SHOULD YOUR MEASUREMENTS SIT BETWEEN TWO SIZES, WE RECOMMEND THE SMALLER OPTION AS A TIGHTER FIT OFFERS IMPROVED TOUCHSCREEN ACCURACY.”

Choosing a glove

In the Running Glove section of the site there are two different types of glove available

  • Lightweight running glove (Sport)
  • Thermal running gloves (X-treme)

The two options cover pretty much all UK temperature ranges and weather.

Sport glove spec;


X-treme glove spec;


Seeing as I currently don’t own or wear running gloves I opted for the lightweight Sport option as it would be the smallest transition for me to get used to. Each glove model comes in either black/green, black/black or pink/white. I decided on black with striking green detailing, I could have gone for black on black, but the green really appealed to me, it’s very distinctive branding. 

Placing the order was simple, pick a model, pick a size, add to cart, checkout, done. Delivery was well packaged and very quick. I placed my order Thursday afternoon and they were delivered Saturday.

First impressions

So I’ve been using them the past 3 days for all sorts of things, not just running. I’ve had them on whilst de-icing the car, yes the lightweight glove I chose is not designed for temperatures of -2, but they certainly improved this delightful chore for me. Then once the ice has been scraped off and my hands aren’t completely frozen, jumping in the car and driving with them on is a good experience as the part silicon grip really sticks to the steering wheel nicely, nice!

Running wise I’ve worn them so far on a 5 mile lunchtime run and a 6 mile evening run, both of which were 2 degrees or less. Again whilst below the ‘warm above’ temperature they have kept my hands nice and cosy and didn’t trouble me at all to wear. They’ve felt totally natural to wear, starting to think I should have bought some running gloves a bit sooner! Using my smartphone without removing them has been fine, no issues to report there at all. They’ve been like a second skin, I’ve not had to take them off to undo zips or get things out of pockets, no untoward impact on normal tasks whilst wearing them. Top stuff!

Tonight they will get a decent run out on a headtorch run in QE Country park, before being put through their paces this coming weekend at parkrun, the Chilly Hilly 10k and potentially a long slow run after.

First impressions are very good, in fact I’m using them pretty much every moment I’m outside, which I wasn’t really expecting to do. Normally the only time I ever wear gloves is when I’m riding my motorbike.

I’ll add more feedback after the weekend, but currently I’m loving the gloves I’ve chosen and am a very happy customer from start to finish. First rate service from eGlove and a very promising product.
Note: I bought this product with my own money and have no affiliation to any company. Any product reviews found on this site are purely done off my own back, though if anyone wants to send me free stuff to review I’d be happy to…

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