parkrun light!

Today is the first Saturday this year that I’ve missed a parkrun, but I do have a reasonably good excuse. I’m currently on the Island of Malta soaking up the atmosphere in preparation for the Malta marathon tomorrow. On arrival I had to check the tourist tool just to make sure that there really wasn’t one that I could get to. The nearest one is a hop across the ocean to Palermo in Scicly.

Initially it looked like it could be possible, but after some thorough investigation it became apparent quite quickly that it was out of reach. To get there would require either a 90 minute ferry crossing and crossing the entire country by road/rail, or I could fly there but that isn’t a direct flight so would be two flights at a cost of over £500. So I had to accept that today I would be parkrun light. I feel like a failed tourist!

Next week I’ll be back in the U.K. and doing Clair, wehay!

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