The end is nigh!

In roughly 24 hours time I will be embarking on the biggest test of courage, fortitude and downright stupidity. I’ve ever attempted. Saturday morning, 7:30am I will not be on route to a parkrun somewhere, I will actually be starting my first and possibly last 50 mile ultramarathon! The Ox 50, held by White Star Running down in a place called Tollard Royal. 50 miles, it’s a really long way, that’s like really really far, 80kms give or take. In parkrun terms it’s just 16 back to back parkruns. 

I’ve done four marathons so far this year in the build up to this event but, truth be known, I don’t think I’ve done anywhere near enough training. I don’t think I’ve paid anywhere near enough respect to the distance and may well come unstuck. I remember at the end of the QE Spring Marathon, having completed 27 painfully hilly miles thinking how on Earth am I going to do another 23 miles. Ok, it wasn’t quite in those words, but you get the picture. This course is just as hilly and almost double the distance.

If I can provide updates on the day it will probably be the odd tweet here and there, so if you are a twitter user you can follow me @AristoPJ.

On the plus side, at least I’ll be dressed as a Mexican!

See you on the flip side….

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  1. Ian Gregory says:

    Good luck mate, I still struggle tackling 26.2.

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