Junior parkrun

I go along and volunteer at Waterlooville Junior parkrun in Jubilee Park most Sunday mornings. It’s a cracking little run for your cracking little runners, from 4-14 years old. 

It’s a 2k timed event instead of 5k so if your smalls aren’t quite up for the challenge of parkrun then it’s a great way to get them started. They have their own milestones to in the form of half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon wristbands. 

If you volunteer it counts towards your parkrun volunteer points. It’s the same parkrun format that we know and love except it’s on Sunday instead of Saturday, be there for 9am Sunday and get involved and get your kids involved. It’s great fun, so rewarding.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I really enjoyed when I went and volunteered at Waterlooville. The RD for that day was really friendly and gave us lots of advice for when we start Stokes Bay junior parkrun.

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