Congratulations! You’ve hit a new low weight!

The downward trend is continuing seemingly unabated, which is nice! For someone who runs a fair bit I really do carry far too much weight. I obviously don’t like to make things easy for myself! In my head I’m still far from calling myself a “runner”, I’m still a fat bloke who likes a bit of jogging! It may sound like I’m being a bit hard on myself but it’s all part of what motivates me and we are all different in that regard. It doesn’t matter that I’ve run a marathon nigh on monthly since September last year, and the small matter of completing a 50 miler, I still struggle with telling people I’m a runner. It’s my cross to bear, silly eh, but everyone needs a bit of silliness in my opinion.

Even having run distances that most people think is “quite a long way in a car” I do struggle really with keeping the weight off. My diet is crap, I know this, I should do something more about it. What can I say, I’m lazy and rubbish when it comes to food prep. Weight loss and maintaining a decent weight is all about lifestyle. If you are overweight you need to change your lifestyle, I don’t think it gets any more simple than that. Yes, faddy diets and continual trips to weight watchers can help with weigh loss and most certainly lighten your wallet, but do they really adjust your lifestyle? Do they even want to? Given that’s it’s big money business, any repeat custom is good custom, just saying! It’s about making the right choices. 

MyFitnessPal is a great tool with helping here, but only if you are honest with it that is. If you aren’t honest and don’t record everything in it then you will not see results. Feeling too guilty to log that chocolate bar you just demolished? Well don’t eat it then! Look at the crap I eat yesterday pictured above as an example, it would be easy not to have logged it and skip a day, but who am I kidding. I know I’ve eaten crap last night, I’ve logged it and am living with it. There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘bad day’, it happens to everyone, just be honest, log it, try and learn from it and move on. If you start lying about it then it’s a downward spiral. To get the benefit of this tool you have to be honest with it and being honest with it will help you keep honest. Give it a try, I’m not on commission for it, there’s no reward to me for you clicking the link and signing up, no ulterior motive in me recommending it other than the fact it’s not cost me a penny, it’s working for me and I’m crap!!

So back on the positive trip, I’m heading in the right direction weight wise and making improvements in my speed and stamina. My 5k times are consistently 23-24 minutes, there or thereabouts, which isn’t bad for a 17 stone lump. Another stone off, along with my continued training with Portsmouth Joggers, should hopefully help me get down into the 22’s. Which would be nice. On on!

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