5 reasons why you should wear Apricot

I have been known to visit a different parkrun from time to time. Ok, ok, I visit a different parkrun most weeks these days and I wear my Apricot parkrun top pretty much every time (unless it’s fancy dress!). My Apricot top proudly displays the name of my home run, Havant parkrun.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should wear Apricot.

  1. Support the brand. Buying Apricot supports the parkrun brand. Personally I buy an Apricot product for every ‘free’ parkrun top I’ve received from Tribe Sports to redress the balance. Seems appropriate to me, it’s not all about the free shirts.
  2. Don’t be shy. These tops are an amazing conversation starter, “Oh you’re from Havant parkrun, I haven’t heard of that one before…” (boom boom). They are great for tourism and I’ve worn them at other events too, people will strike up a conversation about parkrun wherever you are running it seems.
  3. Protect your assets. These tops are incredibly comfortable and wick away moisture well. They are light and airy, well sized and soft on the skin. I prefer these tops to most of my other running tops. I’ve never suffered from chaffing in an Apricot top. My nipples thank me, yours will too!
  4. Ease of choice. It’s Saturday morning and you just don’t know what to wear with those trainers and shorts. There’s a real danger that wardrobe choice could make you miss the start! Heaven forbid, this can’t happen! Choose Apricot every time and remove the faff!
  5. Make a statement. All the cool kids are wearing them. It’s cool to be part of the parkrun tribe. Orange is the new black after all.

Joking aside, these are great tops and I highly recommend them. I do honestly tend to chose my tribe sports tops over my other running tops as they just are that comfortable.

To quote parkrun’s Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams in a newsletter ‘Someone joins the parkrun family every 30 seconds. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how can I support parkrun?”, and right now a great way to do that is to purchase some Apricot of your own. By doing so you’re helping to secure the future of the milestone t-shirts, our wonderful friends at Tribesports, and parkrun itself.’ 

Treat yourself or a love one today.
ps. I’m not associated with parkrun or Tribe Sports other than being a weekly participant and fan of the parkrun movement and a customer of Tribe Sports. All opinions voiced are my own.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I love my apricot tshirt too. I need to get the Stokes Bay juniors top too!

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