The diary of a broken runner – week 2

So we’re nearing the end of two weeks rest. The last time I ran was on the 1st July, it’s now the 14th July. It’s not a huge amount of time though it feels like an eternity. Everything is feeling pain free at the moment, which is really good progress. So much so I’m going to go for a very gentle parkrun in the morning. The plan is to stay local as I’ve got work commitments this weekend. This gives me a few choices, I could have a home run at Havant parkrun, but, given that it was at that park I injured myself I think I’ll give it a miss favoring something flatter instead. So that leaves me with Southsea or Portsmouth Lakeside. Now Lakeside is my preferred course out of those two, however you can’t get much flatter than Southsea.

I’m thinking Southsea as I won’t have far to go to get a Cornetto afterwards. I can have a nice plod round in about 30 minutes, gently test the ankle and eat ice cream afterwards. Sounds like a solid plan, though obviously if the ankle doesn’t feel great I’ll walk it out with the tail walker. Just feels like aaaagges since I’ve been to parkrun. I’m genuinely not going to push hard but do feel after massage and physio that a gentle bit of exercise would not go amis.

You never know though, I might end up in Whiteley, lol! #loveparkrun

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2 Responses to The diary of a broken runner – week 2

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m hoping to run Southsea soon. Fingers crossed for a pain free run for you tomorrow

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