parkrun officially a measurement of distance

parkrun is so much more than a run in the park is the tag line, and it’s true. It has now become an official* unit of measurement. The last 5k of races, from half marathons to marathons (not just London) to ultra marathons are greeted with that often coined phrase “just a parkrun to go”. It goes further than that as well, it’s also a nice bite size chunk to mentally break your race into. For example, I ran a 50k race not long ago, mentally this was broken down into 10 parkrun’s. “One down, nine to go”, “two down, eight to go” and so on and so forth.

At Endure24 the parkrun distance measurement calculations kept my mind occupied during the night, I tried to figure out just how many parkrun’s I’d completed. “So I’ve run 55 miles, how many parkrun’s is that..”, “60 miles in, what’s that in parkrun’s..”. Admittedly, my brain had pretty much turned to mush after 18 hours of non-stop running. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have problems counting to potato, let alone trying to convert miles into kilometres and then divide that into parkrun’s, but it kept me entertained.

So there we have it, undeniable proof that a parkrun is officially** a unit of measurement!

*not officially a unit of measurement for distance

**totally not official..

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