parkrun tourism – planning your next adventure!

Planning a spot parkrun tourism starts off as a relatively straight forward affair. When I started touring I initially used the main parkrun site, in particular my home event page, to work out where I was going to try next. On each parkrun event page the website details the nearest 10 parkruns, which is a very useful starting point.

So that’s your nearest parkruns taken care of, but what happens when you’ve completed all the events detailed and you’re wanting to go further? You can look at another events page to see what’s nearby to it, you can also look on the events page on the main parkrun site to get more of an idea of what is about in your region.

What happens if you’re going away for the weekend to somewhere new? Visiting relatives or having a weekend break somewhere but still want to get your weekly parkrun fix. Using the maps provided on the main parkrun site is pretty good, but there is a much better option in my opinion, the unofficial parkrun tourist tool. You can enter your chosen destination and see what events are available nearby, if you add in your barcode ID you can exclude ones you’ve visited before if you like to try out new things.

Example below shows planning an upcoming trip to Great Yarmouth

So that’s great for covering your local area and coping with holidays. However there comes a point where visiting new parkruns can become a logistics nightmare for an “on the day” trip. You reach a tipping point where it becomes too difficult or time consuming for on the day travel to your destination of choice, for me that’s around the 100 mile mark. So making a weekend of it could become something of interest to many. I’ve recently started looking at some properties on Airbnb and turned up some quirky locations for overnight stays. It’s a great way to explore our glorious country.

If you sign up for Airbnb using the link, I’ve provided below you’ll get £25 off your first trip. Give it a try! Just click the link or paste the address in your browser. When you book a trip of £55 or more, I’ll also get £15 in travel credit, too, brucey bonus.

Make sure you read all the reviews and check the small print before making any bookings. You don’t want any nasty surprises.

Happy travels!

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