parkrun milestones – official and unofficial

Those of you that parkrun should be aware of the official parkrun milestones. If you have ever attended a parkrun you should see people wearing shirts with numbers printed on the back, juniors get a white 10 shirt, then there is a purple 25 shirt for volunteers, a red 50 shirt, a black 100 shirt, a green 250 shirt and the magical unicorn blue 500 shirt. These are awarded for free based on the number of parkruns you have completed or volunteered at, reach the numbers mentioned and earn a corresponding shirt. I’m currently on 95 runs so my 100 Club milestone is just around the corner.

These official milestones are the targets of most parkrunners, however, there is another breed of parkrunner, those that like to visit as many different parkruns as possible, the parkrun tourists. There are unofficial goals for parkrun tourists, starting with entry on to the most events table on the main parkrun site. 20 different locations gains you a position on the table and enables you to join the “UK parkrun tourists” group on Facebook. This entitles you to purchase and sport the lesser spotted Cow cowl – “a distinctive black, white and yellow not-buff designed by Kathy Brown which members of the most events table are welcome to buy to allow themselves to be spotted by other tourists at home or away.  Completely unofficial.  Features no parkrun branding whatsoever at all.”

The unofficial tourist goals are as follows (taken from the amazing parkrun tourist jargon buster)

  • Quarter Cowell – your 25th different parkrun (cake!)
  • Half Cowell (alt. Cow) – your 50th different parkrun (cake!)
  • Three-Quarter Cowell – your 75th different parkrun (cake!)
  • Cowell – your 100th different parkrun (your Cowell Club Run) and the point at which you show as having run 100 events on the global most events table. (celebrate with cake)
  • Fielding Club – an unofficial parkrun club for tourists who have run at 250 different UK events. (A sufficient, but not necessary, condition for membership of the Freyne Club)
  • Freyne Club – an unofficial parkrun club for tourists who have run at 250 different global events. (A necessary, but not sufficient, condition for membership of the Fielding Club)
  • A Bailey – trying to run your first 100 runs at 100 different events. Named for Gregory Bailey, the first parkrunner to get hooked on tourism early enough to do it.

I’m currently sat at 49 different events so my next unofficial goal is the Half Cowell, my cow run – my 50th different parkrun, obviously to be celebrated with cake!

There is a plan afoot so cunning that you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox. Will it work out, I do hope so, until such a time my parkrun touring is on hold, I won’t be busting out a parkrun anywhere new for a little while, I’ll just revisit a few local runs in the meantime.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve seen a few people wearing the cow cowl and knew a little about it but this post makes it a bit clearer. Maybe another visit to Lee is on the cards 😀

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