parkrun tourism

The parkrun tourist
Determined to run at every event on the map, you travel the country, one parkrun at a time.

The Rules of parkrun tourism
There are no rules, just what you set up in your own head, which can be problematic at best. One of the best blog posts I’ve seen about creating your own parkrun tourism rules is this one on the abradypus blog – The rules of parkrun tourism   Read and enjoy!

Most Events table
Once you have managed to visit more than 20 different venues you will see your name appear in lights* on the parkrun most events table.

There is a Facebook group for anybody on the UK most events list, members of this group become eligible to purchase a “cow cowl” running buff. The “cow cowl” was conceived as an easy way of identifying other tourists visiting parkrun, as people kept finding out *after* the event that they’d run at the same course without realising. It’s totally unofficial and unique to the group, and a contribution from each one sold goes to the New Events Fund.

The explanations below were taken from the parkrun tourist jargon buster blog post, it is well worth a read, these are just a small snippet of what is there.

Cow cowl – a distinctive black, white and yellow not-buff designed by Kathy Brown which members of the most events table are welcome to buy to allow themselves to be spotted by other tourists at home or away.  Completely unofficial.  Features no parkrun branding whatsoever at all.

Cowell – your 100th different parkrun (your Cowell Club Run) and the point at which you show as having run 100 events on the global most events table. (celebrate with cake)

Cowell Club – an unofficial parkrun club for tourists who have run at 100 or more different events. Named after Chris and Linda Cowell, the first male and female parkrunners to do it.


* name does not actually appear in lights anywhere, it’s just a saying…

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